It Cannot Get Any Easier Than This… It’s Excel!

Last year I took on a new role at this small Business Intelligence Vendor, Satori Group, Inc. as the New President and Chief Operations Officer.  Having been a consumer of software technology for 20 years, in the insurance industry, including having previously been a client of Satori, this is the first time working on this side of the vendor/client relationship.  And it. is. different.

For instance, as any good executive should, I have gotten involved with the sales team and have actively built up a relationship with one of our prospects.  And as such I have been working the sales process with this opportunity.  Doing everything by the book, I’ve done discovery calls, one-to-one demos, made in-person visits and had conversations with all the various folks involved in the decision process.  And in the latest meeting, in which I was certain we were walking away with a least a handshake deal, I had one unshakable hold-out. 

“Why should we spend money to give our business users another tool that they aren’t going to use,” this IT person protested to his colleagues. 

As I started to put my thoughts together to respond to this statement, my hard work had paid a dividend.  “It cannot get any easier than this, It’s Excel!” exclaimed one of the other decision makers. 

I could not have put it better myself.  Learn more about how our solutions work with Excel