Unlocking business intelligence

CGMA report ‘Improving decision making in organisations: unlocking business intelligence’ delivers key insights into current developments in BI and practical information to transform finance functions. Report author Peter Simons ACMA, CGMA explains more in this article and audiocast.
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Satori’s John Florio interviewed on Executive Leaders Radio!

John FlorioChosen to participate in a regular series interviewing successful executives in the greater Philadelphia area, John Florio, President & Chief Operating Officer at Satori Group, Inc., discusses his story.  From personal life decisions, the people in his life, to his current role at the re-emerging Satori Group, this interview touches on all the elements, business and non-business, that have directly affected the direction of Mr. Florio’s life as an executive.

About his experience with Executive Leaders Radio, Florio states, “I found it enjoyable and refreshing to discuss the foundations and events in my life that have shaped me personally and professionally.  The program, its interviewers and sponsors do a great job investigating what makes executives and leaders tick. It’s something everyone can relate to.”

Executive Leaders Radio educates their listeners by searching out and discussing just what it takes to succeed in today’s corporate world.  Using an informal conversational format, these on-air interviews give the listeners a positive insight into what “bumps” or “forks in the road” you may encounter on the road to success.

Tune in and listen to Satori Group’s leader tell his story and what it took for him to get there!

You can catch the interview at the following dates and times:

 Saturday, April 21st on WNJC/1360AM at 4pm (www.wnjc1360.com to hear it streamed live from their website)

Sunday, April 22nd on WBCB/1490AM at 9am (streamed live www.wbcb1490.com) &

Monday, April 23rd on WFYL/1180AM at 11am (streamed live www.1180wfyl.com)…..

After the show airs, the interview will become available via webcast on www.executiveleadersradio.com.  

Satori will provide direct links to the interview when they become available on iTunes, Podcastpickle.com, Podbean.com and Castroller.com.  So check back often!

Download the podcast here… http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/greater-philadelphia-leaders/id359037850?i=115344105
Interview can be found here… http://www.executiveleadersradio.com/florio-john-3140.aspx 

CFO.com: Dashboards Can Now Gauge More Data

Excerpt from the article…

When You Need to Know Now

One major appeal of dashboards, according to White, is that they can help executives narrow the “decision window” — the period of time they have to make a decision after a business event. A recent Aberdeen study found that 64% of business managers have seen their decision-making time shrink over the last year. A different Aberdeen survey found that 28% of business managers said they needed data to make decisions within an hour of a business event; another 42% needed information within a day.

“There’s a lot of pressure on the organization to take in raw data and to turn it into useful information in a time frame that suits the business,” White says. “There’s tremendous pressure on these operational managers to respond faster, and old-fashioned business intelligence is just not intuitive enough.”

As an example, if a dashboard showed that sales revenue was not on target, a CFO would want to know more,
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Q&A;: Ensuring Success in Your Enterprise-wide BI Project — TDWI -The Data Warehousing Institute

Check out the tips James E. Powell, editorial director of the Business Intelligence Journal, got from his interview with Peter LePine, managing director for the BI and information management practice at Emtec Inc.
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Gartner BI Summit: Time to get back to basics with analytics

LOS ANGELES — Getting back to basics for business intelligence (BI) and analytics teams means revisiting the three R’s. But instead of resuming lessons in reading, writing and arithmetic, a Gartner analyst suggests asking questions about their organization’s relevance, resources and renovation.

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