Riding herd on Excel BI use isn’t easy, but it’s necessary

Business intelligence managers once talked longingly about weaning end users off their Excel addictions to help ensure that BI data remained consistent and secure. Yeah, right: In most cases, efforts to eradicate Excel from BI processes went nowhere, forcing BI teams to shift to a strategy of accommodating rather than eliminating it.

“We have fought the war for 20 years and we have lost,” said Boris Evelson, an analyst at Forrester Research Inc. in Cambridge, Mass. What BI managers need to do now, he added, is work to control and manage Excel BI use as best they can. For example, Evelson recommended that Excel be integrated with BI software that can export data to spreadsheets, enabling Excel to function more as a user interface and data presentation layer than as a data manipulation tool itself.
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WEBCAST Recording: Budgeting, Forecasting, & Reporting for Insurance Organizations

Insurance organizations have specific challenges and requirements in creating Budgets and Forecasts.  And the need for accurate timely information is imperative to the success of these highly data driven organizations.

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  • Quickly & Accurately Budget & Forecast
  • Easily Report and Collaborate
  • Gain the benefit of over 60 years of Insurance industry expertise

Budgeting & Forecasting

Satori’s driver-based Budgeting & Forecasting gives organizations built-in best practices that support timely data collection, collaboration, and analysis enabling organizations, to reduce budgeting cycles and increase forecasting frequency.

Insurance Reporting Suite

With increased competition, product commoditization and pricing pressures, insurance companies are seeking to create differentiated value propositions in their products, while reducing losses and eliminating inefficiencies. Profitability depends on ensuring that everyone in the insurance company drives the bottom line, from sales, marketing, and finance to underwriting and claims, and they make optimal decisions.


Google’s Chade-Meng Tan: 3 Tips to Be Happier | Inc.com

As a component in the pursuit of the Zen philosophy, Satori means to find a lasting enlightenment or understanding. Everyday we come to work, the team here at Satori works to help our clients achieve the ability to truly understand what is going on in their business through the collection & aggregation of data and creation & distribution of analysis. However, once in a while, it is good to look beyond the numbers and take a moment to make sure we are mentally prepared to take on the next task or challenge.

Check out this article to learn a few tricks we found helpful…

Google’s chief happiness officer shares some of the wisdom that has made the company’s employees more content and productive.
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Better forecasting for better business – The Nation

In order to successfully compete in today’s fast-moving business environment, it’s very important for a company to develop the ability to read the future clearly based on available uncertain information.
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IndustryWeek : Don’t Waste Your Metrics

Most every company has metrics permeating every meeting, discussion and decision. Metrics are as ubiquitous as email and problem solving and taken for granted to an equal level. Here are some keys to making them work for you.
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