“come along with me and put your mind at ease” – Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley - A little less conversationSo it is a beautiful summer Friday and I am wrapping up a week of work and gearing up for the weekend.  My day is wrapping up the same as always, with a nice tune to keep my work flowing smoothly so I can get out of the office and down the shore.  The tune of the day is A Little Less Conversation by Elvis Presley.  

Working at an organization that provides Business Intelligence solutions, you cannot help but associate things like music and movies with typical business practices and scenarios relating to BI.  In A little less conversation, where the lyrics are: “A little less conversation a little more action, all this aggravation aint satifactioning me”, you notice that this song illustrates the pain of a typical employee dealing with a sea of unorganized data that is not being utilized to “satisfy” the company’s needs.   When a business is being run with an un-automated process where they have to manually send reports across departments for approval and it involves a lot of unnecessary communication (A little less conversation) instead of using this data to your advantage (a little more action), it can lead to an unproductive process where it could make you think, ”all this aggravation aint satifactioning me,” in so many words.

The King has a point here; businesses of all industries have stayed ahead of the curve by implementing solutions that help organizations to spend less time talking and more time doing.  A BI or CPM (Corporate Performance Management) tool enables organizations to gather data, streamline collaboration, and organize it in a way that can help them take action.  The time for tedious manual reporting is over.  Take Elvis’ advice and “come along with me and put your mind at ease” by signing up for your free demo of Satori’s own proCube. 

Thank you, thank you very much.