There is a small number of people who actually enjoy taking part in the budgeting process eachaxe year, and we aren’t all lucky to have one of them at our company. I feel pretty comfortable assuming that budgeting is one of the most tedious, and potentially risky, tasks we do to keep our businesses competitive and running smoothly. Efficiency is the key to success for your organization.  It was Abraham Lincoln who said, “If I had six hours to chop down a tree, I’d spend the first four hours sharpening the axe.” Everyone knows Excel; Excel spreadsheets have been popular for decades, and still are, but they can be a nightmare with any healthy-sized company. It can get complicated to consolidate multiple spreadsheets, share documents with different people, and handle numbers manually.

Many companies even have to begin the budgeting process way before the year’s end, resulting in more risk when estimating the budget, possible error and more importantly, misappropriated time. Extra time spent on the budgeting process is time that can be invested in improving other aspects of your company. So, how do you find that extra time, eliminate errors, and give everyone something to love about budgeting? Budgeting and forecasting software that accelerates and enhances the way you use excel spreadsheets.

When you implement a budgeting and forecasting solution you empower your employees to provide more value to the business with insightful analysis. Eliminate personal fatigue and bring more control to what is often a chaotic process. 9Dots does all of these things, and delivers them within that Excel interface you are familiar with. Sharpen your axe with a set of tools built right into Excel, flexibility to match the process to your business, and high user adoption. Why exhaust yourself spending six hours chopping down a tree, when you really only have to spend two?