bowieCHANGESTurn and face the strange. Now, maybe David Bowie could change the way he looked at the drop of a hat without a care in the world, but for CEOs of any sized organization, it’s just not that easy to make a change. But like the “Changes” lyrics say, we can’t stop time. If every day you are worrying about the effect of environmental changes, interest rate shifts, customer behavior contradictions, supply issues, and any other unpredictable factors, it’s probably time to make a change. CEOs have a lot on their plate, which means so do their employees. Maybe last year and the years before, you just couldn’t adapt fast enough. That is why you implement a forecasting solution that does the worrying for you.

In work, just as in your every day life, uncertainty and risk just happen. And when these things do happen, you want to adapt your business and accommodate the variables quickly and painlessly. With an automated and streamlined forecasting process, you make adjustments frequently and utilize the past few years of stress by applying them to your future in order to make positive changes.

17% of businesses suffered financial loss in 2015 due to poor spreadsheets, and 78% of businesses say their key financial decisions are supported by spreadsheets. It is not worth the jumbled numbers, and stress of change, if it is also hindering your processes and holding you back from becoming a more profitable organization. Time is not going to stop, so take a take a page out of Bowie’s book and make some changes.


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9DOTS w8ys88.image-16as named a Top 10 Budgeting and Forecasting Solution Provider for 2016 by CFO Tech Outlook. They describe Budgeting & Forecasting as the cornerstone of a financial institution’s control process. “We have reviewed many firms in the budgeting and forecasting landscape, and shortlisted the ones that are at the forefront of tackling the industry challenges.” 9DOTS is excited to help CFOs that relentlessly strive to gain insight into their data accomplish more and find that visibility.
“With speed and optimized memory management, proCube, combines large amounts of data quickly and accurately creating time to spend on other profitable decisions and projects,” says 9DOTS CEO, John Florio about the company’s pilot product.

9DOTS’ key solution, onePlan, provides organizations the essential tools needed to consolidate the budgeting process and create detailed financial budgets in all areas including expense, compensation, revenue and capital. The software leverages past performance to predict and forecast strategies to improve business outcomes. onePlan’s multi-tiered parameters and standardized calculations reduces the need for manual data entry.

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Stress-FreeStop Feeling Uncertain about your Numbers: With a budgeting and forecasting solution, reaching a hurdle doesn’t mean you will struggle to jump it. The economy, regulation, product pricing and consumer demand are no hurdles too high. With a customizable solution and a rolling forecast, budgeting is no longer a tedious task that leaves you feeling uncertain about your numbers.

Use your forecast to Navigate with ease!: Budgeting software makes setting a budget is quick and easy which grants more time to focus on an accurate forecast. With an accurate forecast you gain the necessary means to answer what-if scenario questions. You are able to use your budget as a roadmap and your forecast to navigate you down that road despite any risk or challenge you may face.

Face challenges better than your competition: The ability to easily mitigate risk is a major competitive advantage. Simply put, there are other companies who will face similar challenges as you and not be able to overcome them. You will know immediately by following your roadmap and analysis that you can afford those new supplies, you will quickly understand the impact a 10% sales increase will have on your employees, you will understand how a challenge will affect your bottom line and cash flow without spending hours or even days crunching numbers.

Less time & Stress means better efficiency: There will be companies struggling and spending copious amounts of time and effort trying to understand each of these scenarios, but with a budgeting and forecasting solution these are just “what-ifs” with an endless amount of answers that you can use to your advantage in the present moment or in the future.

End 2016 with a more profitable, growing business:  There is not one person out there who doesn’t want to profit, financially or personally. With a budgeting and forecasting solution you get both. Mitigating risk leads to a significant competitive advantage which leads to a significant jump in your company’s profit margin and success. With a tedious budgeting process, challenges you struggle to overcome, and an overall lack of confidence, it’s rare that you will find positivity and the chance to prosper. By those things your business can profit in more ways than one. By eliminating inefficiency, quickly overcoming obstacles, and gaining more time to spend on tasks that help your business profit tangibly, you will find time that you had no idea you could take advantage of.