Last month I wrote about having the ability, when facing adversity, to have “FEAR.”  Face Everything and Rise. Today, I continue to expand on that. Are you ready to face adversity?

For those of you that don’t know, I have been a football coach for 25 years. This passion of mine comes from a desire to educate. I want to teach young men about life. I feel confident saying you cannot learn the necessary traits needed to equip you for life anywhere else but in battle. Whether that battle be a literal battle, on a football field, in the workplace, how choose to fight will shape your life. On a football field, at any given moment, adversity can strike. As a CEO/Quarterback, I know I need to keep calm when I am thrust into the throes of these battles.

One thing is for certain, in football, just like in life, you must always stay humble. The person who weathers the storm with grace can calmly make decisions while chaos breaks loose. There is no better life lesson for a young man or woman participating in athletics, or any professional, than to put them to the test. When we push ourselves to escape our limits we remove the fear of failure and become proud. The human mind and body are incredible but spirit is often overlooked. As CEO’s we look at analytics surrounding our potential new hires but we often don’t ask the questions that truly separate one from the other; ‘’Tell me about a situation in your life that didn’t go well and how did you respond?” No degree from a top school or amazing athletic scholarship can beat heart and soul.

When your spirit cannot be broken then it’s likely you will be successful.

Football is like life. We need the adversity to prove our worth. We need to see how much we can take. Those of you in management positions reading this blog know that when you push your employees to rise, they will. The ones that can’t or don’t usually move on to lesser roles because they know their limit or are afraid to push themselves–afraid of FEAR

So this month’s wisdom to all of you out there, crave adversity! For it is within the challenging moments of life, the critical points, where the winners show up. Challenge yourself today to do something out of your comfort zone.

Let’s get out there and have a great October!



Conshohocken, PA – August 28, 2017 – 9DOTS announced this month that TEECOM, a technology consulting, design and engineering, and project management firm headquartered in Oakland, California, has chosen 9DOTS Management Corp, LLC to streamline and improve the standard and ad-hoc reporting processes across their international organization.

TEECOM is a Deltek Vision customer currently using the standard reporting provided them through version 7.6. TEECOM will enhance their reporting with the 9DOTS proCube software package to be used throughout the organization for dynamic error free reporting, analytics and modeling. The enterprise will take advantage of the oneGlance data visualization and dashboard software to advance actionable information in the hands of the end-users via the web. 

“It is important that we empower our organization to make data driven decisions, quickly and effectively so that we can continuously improve and grow. We want to eliminate our dependence on static reporting in a non-static world, and create an operating environment that can leverage our many data sources into one common source of the truth that will link KPIs to operating results.” said Jerry Dreiling, CFO, TEECOM.    

With the Self-Service BI tools and solutions 9DOTS offers, TEECOM will be able to spend more time analyzing data for anomalies and change and less time maintaining, administering and reconciling spreadsheets. Their goal is to increase transparency at the firm through real-time data analytics and visualizations that will drive better project management and insights leading to improvements in profit margin and efficiency. This will be accomplished with the 9DOTS suite of products. 


About 9DOTS Management Corp, LLC. 

9DOTS is a solution and services provider committed to help organizations attain insight into their business by solving their problems with data & analytics. Specifically, 9Dots offers enterprise class BI/CPM solutions for Data Discovery & Analytics, Visualizations & Dashboards, Custom & Ad-Hoc Reporting and Budgeting/Forecasting. 9DOTS has provided Customized Solutions & Services for some of the most successful organizations in the world. 9DOTS’ solutions scale to fit any budget and deploy on-premise or in the cloud.  With domain expertise and knowledge of best practices across industries, 9DOTS provides strategic planning, implementation, project management, and on-going support for your business. 



TEECOM’s core purpose is to create engaging environments that advance performance, sustainability, and discovery. We work with the owners, architects, and occupants of built spaces to design technology systems that connect people, inspire innovation, and outlast fads. Our services range from facilitating initial strategy sessions — where we help you determine your technology needs, goals, budget, and how to accommodate the future of technology — to designing, engineering, and project managing integrated telecom, audiovisual, acoustics, security, network, wireless, voice over IP (VoIP), virtual and augmented reality, immersive environments, and projection mapping technology solutions. TEECOM | the tech in architecture.™