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Three Easy Tips for Creating a Vision Custom Invoice

Creating a Deltek Vision Custom Invoice report seems like a daunting task. We know that sometimes the standard invoice template just isn’t for you. That’s why 9DOTS thinks outside of the box. A client or project may need customizations that seem impossible to create. Here are Three Easy Ways to create a custom invoice template […]

Are you Left-Brained or Right-Brained? Take the QUIZ!

Take this quiz   See if you are more left-brained or right-brained dominant & how it relates to 9DOTS!  The right side of your brain is associated with creativity,  imagination, and the arts.  The left side of your brain uses logic, analytic thought, and reasoning.  Some CFOs, CEOs, accountants, etc. enjoy focusing on numbers, while some would rather focus […]

4 Answers to “WHY Legal Project Management?”

Pam Woldow of global legal consulting firm, Edge International, has surveyed, talked to & written with SO many lawyers, she has heard it all. Her best practices for successfully implementing LPM for our legal readers & clients answer all of our questions. If you have ever asked ” WHY Legal Project Management (LPM)?” here are […]

Data Visualization: Transforming the Construction Industry

In the last five years, data visualization has transformed (& continues to transform) the construction industry. As with other industries, an obstacle in construction is that much of the data collected can’t contribute to the big picture. The big picture view is needed for helpful, profitable analytics & information. The construction industry is responsible for some […]

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9DOTS Best Reads of 2017

This is a list of blogs you just have to check out before 2018 starts again. They are our most popular, most loved & most read blog posts of 2017. And if you have missed any, here they are for your reference as the new year begins! 10 Characteristics of Good Problem Solvers  Good problem […]

Thanksgiving & Small Business Saturday

Two days until Thanksgiving?! Don’t panic. You might be sitting at work thinking about all of the things you still have to finish. Maybe you are trying to work & asking yourself what last minute items to pick up on the way home. Maybe you’re just checking the clock over & over, waiting for Thursday […]

Ep. 1 of Show Your Work

This is 9DOTS first video in 9DOTS video series Show Your Work. These videos will show you exactly how 9DOTS solves a problem for a client by showing you exactly how our products work with videos, tips & tricks. Show Your Work Ep. 1 from 9DOTS on Vimeo.

Trick or Treat! Bottom Up can be Sweet

Maybe demand-driven model isn’t for you, but today is Halloween so like pillowcases filled with candy, 9DOTS offers a lot of options.  A bottom up approach is a focus on resource SUPPLY. Estimate potential sales revenue of a product in order to establish the total sales figure. Answers questions like “how many hours of work can I bill?,” “how […]

Hocus Pocus is TOP DOWN Your Focus?

Our last blog post was a quick run down about how to make it through budgeting season (the worst season of all!) There are tools to make budgeting season easy peasy & it only requires a LITTLE BIT of Halloween Hocus Pocus. You may be able to make a huge change for next year to gain […]

Survive 2017 Budgeting (Our least favorite season!)

It is officially fall. Halloween is on it’s way, leaves are changing colors, and you are mentally preparing for the Holiday season. There is one season we are all a little LESS excited for: Budgeting season. Budgeting season is beginning for professional services organizations. Sales are made, profit is generated and you have to think […]