5 Ways for your Finance Team to Stay Competitive

The world of finance, the job of accountant, the role of a CFO, these are roles that are morphing into something completely different from what we consider the norm. “Consider what’s happening in finance: Complex legacy systems are being replaced by cloud-based platforms that allow entire enterprises to create up-to-the-minute reports that used to take […]

SPRING FORWARD: Law Firms, we Have the TOOL to help with Changes

There is always risk in a client-law firm relationship. Times are changing, and clients wants the risk that comes down to paying their lawyer to fall on the law firm in order to protect themselves from law firms passing operational inefficiencies onto their clients, showering them with unnecessary cost in their bills. The client doesn’t […]

And the Merry Bells…

Is it that time already!? One minute it is Thanksgiving and then you blink and the New Year is on your heels. Many of us are packing our bags for the holiday break, worrying about getting our presents wrapped and purchasing last minute gifts. But we forget to stop. Stop for a moment and think […]

Survey Says: Use of AFAs Expected to Rise in 2017

Global Legal Post posted just yesterday that “a recent survey conducted by the Association of Corporate Counsel has found that 50% of chief legal officers and general counsel are expecting the use of alternative fee arrangements to increase in the coming year.” The report suggests that using AFAs ensures a greater than 90% chance of keeping to […]