Forecasting in Uncertainty

Forecasting in Uncertainty. This last two weeks has changed our worlds entirely. Many of us are working from home, struggling with billing hours, dealing with clients, financial strain and even lay offs. This is not a time to push sales, but it is also not a time to panic. While stress may be causing you […]

Find & Stop Revenue Leaks

Find & Stop Revenue Leaks. The operating budget of an Architecture and Engineering firm is dynamic & ever-changing with many interconnected pieces. In the past, these pieces were very difficult to estimate. Firms used patterns from years prior or a ridiculous amount of spreadsheet to make decisions. But day to day, new challenges arise. Business […]

4 Quick Budgeting Tips

4 Quick Budgeting Tips.  Don’t worry. Budgeting season isn’t here yet, you still have time. But we all know what it is like when we push things off thinking time will slow down. It never does, does it?! That’s why 9DOTS is going to ease you in. Today we are starting with some quick budgeting & […]

AE Firm Dashboards

AE Firm Dashboards. See the smoke, stop the fire. Dashboards and smoke detectors have much more in common than you think!  I’m not joking. Before the smoke detector, the common man knew almost nothing about fire prevention. Today, the use of a smoke detector has completely improved your quality of life & safety. Check out these […]

Better Software. Better Service. Better Together. Today is an exciting day as 9DOTS Management Corp becomes a partner with Clearview Software. Clearview’s “Better Software” paired with 9DOTS’ better service is an out of the box solution that truly makes us as a team, better together. We now have the opportunity to attack the market place. […]