FEAR: Face Everything and Rise

Wow, what a month! And I’m not saying that as happy guy who just beat his numbers and exceeded expectations. No, I’m saying that like a man staring down a locomotive while tied to the racks. This has been a tough month, but my team rode it out. When I was a young man, a […]


5 Ways to Improve Productivity at Work

The work environment can be filled with many distractions. The chatter of your coworkers, the pop up ads on your computers asking you to take a quick quiz, or even your cell phone just staring at you to take a quick scroll down Facebook. You may just be tired from that late-night Game of Thrones episode. I […]

time-saving services

Spending Money on Time-Saving Services Will Make You Happier!

“Money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy free time.” This is a quote from the best article I have found all year. New research, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science determined that people who spent money on time-saving investments (like, paying for a house-keeper or paying a little extra for grocery delivery) reported […]

Just Show Up


Jim Maguire was the founder & CEO of Philadelphia Insurance Companies (PHLY). PHLY is a company with a most unbelievable success story. Consequently, it is the place that formed me as the out of the box thinker & entrepreneur that I am today. Jim’s approach was, “build a team of winners and you will win.” This philosophy […]


7 Qualities of a Successful CEO

Success can be defined in many different ways. Some see success as finishing a task they have spent months on and others may see it as just getting through the day. However, a CEO might have a different approach on the term success. CEO’s have to look at the big picture for their company. In […]