Success can be defined in many different ways. Some see success as finishing a task they have spent months on and others may see it as just getting through the day. However, a CEO might have a different approach on the term success. CEO’s have to look at the big picture for their company. In a CEO’s mind, success is a moving target and is very hard to achieve. In the world of business owners, if you think you have accomplished your biggest goal, then you have stopped pushing yourself.  There are 7 distinctive qualities below to becoming a successful CEO, and we believe at 9DOTS that it is possible for any of our readers to nurture these qualities within themselves:

  1. CARING –  A successful CEO cares for his or her people. The people around you during your daily lives are the ones that will help you and your company.  Remember to ask yourself if you care about your people — do you think about their dreams and goals? You have to make sure to care about the clients and employees needs and wants as well as your own.
  2. INTERGRITY/ETHICS – A successful CEO does the right thing, not the thing that feels right. To have a company that trusts you is very important. Admitting to your mistakes when you know you did something wrong is what will make your clients (and your employees) trust you even more. 
  3. EXTREMELY DRIVEN – You have to be very dedicated to your company. If you seem like you’re slacking with the work you are doing, others will follow in your footsteps. Coworkers will begin to slow down and not work as hard if their leader isn’t working as hard. Successful CEO’s always push their workers to the next level.
  4. CREDIBILITY – CEO’s who lose credibility can usually never regain it. When communicating with other clients, you want them to trust you 100% of the time. It only takes one moment for your credibility to be lost for years!
  5. BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS – A CEO must have good relations with all clients and coworkers. Positive relationships also create great word-of-mouth! Networking is very important when you are a CEO of a company.
  6. GOOD LISTENING SKILLS – Flexibility to listen to your workers is a very important quality for CEO’s.  Just because they are the CEO of the company doesn’t mean they always have to make the ultimate decision. Listening to the opinions of others might actually give a CEO some ideas. Productive environments come from listening to your employees and making sure that they feel comfortable with their work environment.
  7. THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX – The market is always changing no matter what your field is!!  A successful CEO connects the dots and thinks about doing things a little differently. They recognize that you can’t always do things the same and expect the same results. Think outside the box to find success. 

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