Data Visualization

Are you Left-Brained or Right-Brained? Solving your Problems w/ Data Visualization

Take this quiz   See if you are more right or left brained dominant & how it relates to 9DOTS! 


Over the years, a theory that has gained in popularity is that the “left-brain” & the “right-brain” are responsible for completely different types of thinking.  The right side of your brain is associated with creativity,  imagination, and the arts.  The left side of your brain uses logic, analytic thought, and reasoning.  You could see why SOME CFOs, CEOs, accountants, etc. have a much easier time focusing on numbers while some would much rather focus on the creative aspect of a project. Both options are available to you to solve your problems with data & analytics.

Some people can paint beautifully, but have difficulty with basic division. There is also the other kind of person who can understand the intricacies of calculus effortlessly, but struggles to write a one-page essay. Everyone is different!
“The brain processes images 60,000 times faster than it does text” (business2community) Solving your data problems with data visualization engages BOTH the left brain and right brain. Even the word DATA (left-brained) & visualization (right-brained) combines the two modes of thinking perfectly. Look to the right at this photo. Which sign is quickest and easiest to process? Data visualization works the exact same way.

Business Intelligence has a lot to do with the left side of your brain, and even the right side! People often assume that a left-dominated brain would have a much easier time relating, but it is actually a combination of both! 9Dots uses data visualization to cater to both sides of the brain. Use your analytical skills and math loving personality to customize the metric that best describes your organization. Take more creative steps with unique data visualizations, colors and charts.  Our graphs, charts, and spreadsheets cater to both left and right brain thinkers. Rapidly analyze patterns and trends as quickly 60,000 times faster.

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