Make Decisions 60,000x Faster with Bold Data Visualization

Have you read last week’s blog post? Did you take the quiz to see if you were left or right brained?  I am more right-brain dominant. I love the creative aspects of my job (& I use as little numbers as possible in my day to day!). After chatting with a bunch of 9DOTS blog readers last week, I realized MANY are left-brain dominate. I also learned that data visualization can sometimes seem foreign to those  who love numbers & figures. What are we gonna do with a bunch of pictures!?

To respond, I have to point out this fact again: “The brain processes images 60,000 times faster than it does text.”

data visualizationAnalyze patterns & trends, find a problem, and make a change sixty-thousand times quicker! Let’s say you make data visualization a part of your organization. Take a look at this image to the right. Immediately, it is clear to watch for pedestrians as they cross. Did you have to grab your reading glasses for that sign on the right? The sign on the left is bold & simple. It is not an overly artistic or creative photo, but it offers ALL of the information you need in the blink of an eye.

Look at this chart below titled “Utilization by Employee.” In a split second I can see that three employees, Andy, Wade & Mike are under utilized. Without this chart, it would take time to run reports on each employee and compare all of the numbers & figures. With this chart, I analyzed my employees markedly faster. 60,000 times faster to be exact. 
Utilization RateA bold and simple picture can explain all of the insight that you need. In fact, it doesn’t even matter which way you think best. Experiment with different charts, tables & patterns. There are hundreds of ways to glean insight into your organization and solve any problems you have with your data.

Data Visualization

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