Mitigate Risk without Difficulty: With a budgeting and forecasting solution, reaching a hurdle doesn’t mean you will struggle to jump it. The economy, regulation, product pricing and consumer demand are no hurdles too high. With a customizable solution and a rolling forecast, budgeting is no longer a tedious task that leaves you feeling uncertain about your numbers. […]

Top-Down Meets Bottom-Up

“Are You Thinking Ahead?” I’m sure you are after reading last week’s post and thinking about your financial future. We’ve talked about risks and obstacles that can be thrown your way in business. Accurate forecasts offer us different tactics to avoid the stress those risks and challenges put on us. Now, sales are rolling in […]

When you picture your organization’s financial future, it shouldn’t just be an unattainable dream. Factor in every element that contributes to the future you desire: revenues, cash flows, accounts receivable and payable, overhead, salaries, benefits and capital expenditures. With a forecasting solution a dream becomes an achievable goal. It’s not always smooth sailing when you […]

There is a small number of people who actually enjoy taking part in the budgeting process each year, and we aren’t all lucky to have one of them at our company. I feel pretty comfortable assuming that budgeting is one of the most tedious, and potentially risky, tasks we do to keep our businesses competitive […]