After 30 years working both in the corporate industry and as an entrepreneur, I have recognized that there are certain undeniable traits that high-achievers and great leaders share. People often associate achievement and success with a number of things, like the right timing, circumstance, education or natural talent. I have found that the true origins […]

bottom up

Maybe demand-driven model isn’t for you, but today is Halloween so like pillowcases filled with candy, 9DOTS offers a lot of options.  A bottom up approach is a focus on resource SUPPLY. Estimate potential sales revenue of a product in order to establish the total sales figure. Answers questions like “how many hours of work can I bill?,” “how […]

Top Down

Our last blog post was a quick run down about how to make it through budgeting season (the worst season of all!) There are tools to make budgeting season easy peasy & it only requires a LITTLE BIT of Halloween Hocus Pocus. You may be able to make a huge change for next year to gain […]

Budgeting Season

It is officially fall. Halloween is on it’s way, leaves are changing colors, and you are mentally preparing for the Holiday season. There is one season we are all a little LESS excited for: Budgeting season. Budgeting season is beginning for professional services organizations. Sales are made, profit is generated and you have to think […]


Last month I wrote about having the ability, when facing adversity, to have “FEAR.”  Face Everything and Rise. Today, I continue to expand on that. Are you ready to face adversity? For those of you that don’t know, I have been a football coach for 25 years. This passion of mine comes from a desire […]