thankfulTwo days until Thanksgiving?! Don’t panic. You might be sitting at work thinking about all of the things you still have to finish. Maybe you are trying to work & asking yourself what last minute items to pick up on the way home. Maybe you’re just checking the clock over & over, waiting for Thursday with excitement. For some reason, stress can fill the happy, wonderful holidays. Sometimes we need a reminder to what Thanksgiving IS. It is the start to the holiday season, the reminder that even when you feel rushed, SLOW DOWN, be Thankful.

As a small business 9DOTS experiences these feelings as well: distracted from the work day due to less than exciting quarter results, stress for deadlines, or maybe an unhappy client. We sit at our desks and stress & occasionally wish for Friday to come as fast as it can. In doing all of that – we forgot to be Thankful. Small business Saturday is THIS SATURDAY, the Saturday after Thanksgiving. It’s perfect. Thanksgiving is headed here as that big reminder to slow down, life is so short so don’t rush your days only thinking about the things that make you feel stressed, sad or unhappy.

Go into the Holiday season this Thursday (maybe even start today!) by being Thankful! Be thankful that there is food to rush home & grab, for the family & friends you’ll see over the holidays. Be thankful for your team, your customers, your blog readers, even the people who sometimes are frustrated or unhappy with you. You wouldn’t be where you are without EVERYONE, every obstacle, every boring day, every exciting day.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving with friends, family, customers & all. And we would be remiss if we didn’t say – Happy Small Business Saturday! Use those Black Friday savings to share with family at your local small businesses on Saturday.


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