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Spending Money on Time-Saving Services Will Make You Happier!

“Money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy free time.” This is a quote from the best article I have found all year. New research, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science determined that people who spent money on time-saving investments (like, paying for a house-keeper or paying a little extra for grocery delivery) reported more happiness & greater life satisfaction.

6,000 participants answered questions about how often they spend money to buy themselves free time, how often they felt stressed about time and their overall life satisfaction. They were also tested to spend $40 of free time over $40 of a material purchase. The results were CLEAR. Buying TIME had a significant effect on their lives, and there was greater life satisfaction. (This rang true through all income levels).

So why does spending money on these types of tasks make us feel good? “Our experiment provides the clearest window into this process, by demonstrating that people felt less end-of-day time pressure when they purchased time-saving services, which explained their improved mood that day,” the authors wrote in their paper.

Okay, so what am I getting at? Buying time from 9DOTS can not only make you happier, but it can ALSO make you more money. 9DOTS recently helped a client purchase time-saving services. 9DOTS saved Company X project managers 4 hours each a month. This is 4,080 hours saved a year. Here is where your time saving service makes you more $$ ALSO. If a project manager costs your company $50/hr, the company would save $200,000 a year. If Company X wanted to use this new found time for a billing activity, and chose to bill at $100/hr…

   they would make: $1,000,000 over 3 years. 

one million

“Research has shown that people benefit from buying their way into pleasant experiences. But our research suggests people should also consider buying their way out of unpleasant experiences,” said Elizabeth Dunn, PhD.

Spend money on time saving services. It could benefit you in more ways than one. and if you want to know HOW 9DOTS can save you time, subscribe here to our newsletter because we have something exciting in the works!