Six Rolling Forecast Benefits for CEOs. The business environment is ALWAYS changing-often in ways the test your patience and make you question yourself as a leader. At 9DOTS we know that CEOs face challenges, and we want you to excel at those challenges, not fear them. There are many advantages to rolling forecasts versus a traditional budgeting system. No longer question strategic decisions. A rolling forecast acts as your guiding light, and foresees the risk in your future.

Here are SIX Rolling Forecast benefits so that you, as a CEO, can run your business and make decisions quickly. This video covers everything. And if you want more information on how to reduce your budgeting cycle by 70% or more, check out onePlan by clicking here or contact us.

72% of highly engaged employees understand their importance or role and how it contributes to organizational success, leading to stronger morale, stronger organization and a stronger leader and CEO. Rolling forecasts provide transparency, give insight, and align with YOUR unique business challenges. 9DOTS also stands by excel! We know some businesses are comfortable using excel, but hate how time consuming it can be. Rolling forecasts just enhance and better your budgeting system by using what you are comfortable with. No longer question any decisions or worry about wasted time.