Let me lay it on the line for you. I’m fortunate to engage with many different kinds of people every day. Many of them are young and aggressive. All of them have trouble achieving the goals they set for themselves. There, I said the truth. We get frustrated and, more challenging than accomplishing a goal, we have to try to beat self doubt. Maybe you feel you aren’t making enough money. Maybe the job you just accepted isn’t exactly how you pictured it. Suddenly the goals you imagined seem to be out of reach. What can I, John Florio, do to help you achieve your goal? My short answer is.. nothing. But I can offer you the tools you need in order to achieve your goals on your own. My first tool is letting this one statement resonate before you continue reading:

Only YOU know the goal YOU want to achieve. Only YOU can achieve it. 

Answer each one of my questions that follows as I hand you the tool box to achieve your goals. Grab a pen & paper. Your first tool is the word VISION; the act or power of anticipating that which will or may come to be. Achieving what you want is done by clarifying your vision of the future. To find an answer specific to the goal you want to achieve, imagine what success looks like to you and only you.

What is YOUR vision of success? Write it down. Find a photo. Visualize it. Most importantly, what is your vision of failure? Determine the ruler to which you measure yourself.

Next, achieving a goal is accomplished with VALUES. What is important to you? What is not important? Decide what it is that you would die fighting for and what challenges make you run screaming. Think of your values as your worth. What you value underlies everything you are and everything you do. Your values determine your problems, your successes & failures. What are your VALUES? Write it down.

Now, focus on your RELATIONSHIPS. You have to manage your most important relationships. Choose them carefully because they will help you achieve your goals. Your relationships are directly related to how you have answered the questions above. Only keep personal relationships with those who encourage and promote what you have visualized as success. Any and all relationships, business or otherwise, should be with those who sustain your values.  Who right now, in your life, personal & business, promotes your values?

Once your vision is clarified and your values are locked in, it is easier to set a realistic goal. By clarifying your VISION, VALUES and RELATIONSHIPS, you create the toolbox needed to build & achieve your goals. Your goals may change, but if you are thinking & planning about the answers to the questions I have asked above: What is important you? What is your vision of success? How do you visualize failure? What are your values? Who do you value? Your goals will always be within reach. Self-Doubt will just be a word, not a part of who you are.

We all struggle daily with what we want and where we want to be. It doesn’t matter if you are 23 or 53, we have goals we want to achieve. Goals motivate us. They are the reason we work. Focus on your VISION. Maintain your VALUES. VALUE your chosen RELATIONSHIPS. Your goals will become attainable. Keep believing and look at the answers to my questions every day. Visualize & accomplish your goal for this week, this month, this year! No one likes a quitter. Believe then achieve!



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