Aside from being the CEO of 9DOTS, I am also an Assistant Varsity Football Coach at Cardinal O’Hara High School. Whether it’s at home or in the office, I have spent my life practicing, preaching and living the TEAM concept and culture. As a coach on the football field, and as a CEO, I try to see the best in each and every member of the team and use that to our advantage. It’s June 2018. It’s half-time. If you are losing, how do you adjust? If you are winning, how do you avoid complacency? I have FIVE tried and true tips from my experience coaching in all aspects of life. Keep reading for FIVE TIPS to coach your team to a WIN in the second half. 

Coach your team

Coach John

coach your team

CEO John!














In football, halftime can be one of the biggest challenges. If the team is losing, it’s possible to feel a sense of urgency to fix everything at once and panic. This never translates well to the team, and can lead to yelling, dissension, and loss of the second half of the game. If the team is winning at halftime, it’s easy to get complacent and lose sight of the fact that there is still an entire half ahead of us. As you approach the end of the first half of 2018, how do you close out with confidence and win the second half?


Here are my 5 TIPS too COACH YOUR TEAM to A WIN in the 2nd Half of 2018:

  1. Do a 360 degree team review. Solicit feedback from your “players”. Everyone is a leader. Believe it or not they may have better insights than you ever thought imaginable. After all, they are on the front line and see all the action.
  2. Make certain you remember all the key moments from the FIRST half – Good and Bad. We cannot solve the 2ndhalf without the knowledge we have gained from the 1st. Show the highlights and the low lights to the team. Ask “why?” Why did we succeed here? Why did we fail there? You might be shocked by the answers.
  3. Before you address the team, meet with your peer group. Discuss the 1sthalf and what their thoughts are for the 2nd Get the input from your direct staff.
  4. Address the team. Keep it brief. Explain the good and the bad and the strategy for the second half. During this time, let others speak. We cannot win the 2ndhalf if it’s only the coach’s ideas. We need buy in.
  5. Let them go! If you have formed your culture and your team, they know what to do. Be strong ing your abilities, trust yourself and your team.  If you have learned from your mistakes, it’s time to show it.

Once the halftime is over, there is only one thing left to do at the end of the game: Celebrate the win. But never get too high, because the next challenge is only one game away.

Coach your team

CEO Celebrates the Win!

Coach Celebrates the win!










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Are you Left-Brained or Right-Brained? Take the QUIZ!

left-brained or right-brained

Take this quiz   See if you are more left-brained or right-brained dominant & how it relates to 9DOTS! 

The right side of your brain is associated with creativity,  imagination, and the arts.  The left side of your brain uses logic, analytic thought, and reasoning.  Some CFOs, CEOs, accountants, etc. enjoy focusing on numbers, while some would rather focus on the creative aspect of a project. No matter if your quiz determined left-brained or right-brained, dashboards and data visualization software can work for you.

Left-brained: It takes time to process complicated images, jumbled words, and thousands of numbers. Even if you are math-oriented, use your customized dashboard to make quick decisions to benefit your bottom line AND THEN drill into reports and study them in a more organized fashion. This leaves less room for error and more fun for your logical mind!

Right-Brained: customize the dashboard to exactly how you need to see for your business. With tons of colors, charts and new, creative ways to get a look inside your business, it will be even easier to make snap-judgments. Make quick decisions no matter which way you think best by implementing data visualization.

“The brain processes images 60,000 times faster than it does text” (business2community) Solving your data problems with data visualization engages BOTH the left brain and right brain. Even the word DATA (left-brained) & visualization (right-brained) combines the two modes of thinking perfectly. Look at the photo below. Which sign is quickest and easiest to process?

data visualization

When you are driving, you have to easily and quickly process a pedestrian crosswalk. You don’t want to slow down, try to read the description of the sign, AND THEN try to understand the sign. Treat your business the same way. By consolidating spreadsheets with and endless scrolls of numbers & figures, data visualization, creates visuals of that data. It uses graphs, charts and images so you can quickly process answers and where you need to go next. Which photo is easier to understand at the speed in which you need?







Quickly steer the car & direct your business. Make decisions based on your metrics with this valuable tool. Drill down into reports to understand the numbers anytime you need! People often assume that a left-dominated brain would have a much easier time relating, but it is actually a combination of both. 9DOTS uses data visualization to cater to both sides of the brain. Use your analytical skills and math loving personality to customize the metric that best describes your organization. Take more creative steps with unique data visualizations, colors and charts.  Our graphs, charts, and spreadsheets cater to both left and right brain thinkers. Rapidly analyze patterns and trends as quickly 60,000 times faster.

There is even more information here & please follow us on LinkedIN to get 9DOTS updates & think outside the box riddles!

4 Answers to “WHY Legal Project Management?”

Why Legal Project Management
Pam Woldow
of global legal consulting firm, Edge International, has surveyed, talked to & written with SO many lawyers, she has heard it all. Her best practices for successfully implementing LPM for our legal readers & clients answer all of our questions. If you have ever asked ” WHY Legal Project Management (LPM)?” here are The 4 Best Responses 9DOTS can give you based on experience and all of our reading.

WHY comes before WHAT: “What” focuses on all the steps inside LPM: budget, scope, planning. When lawyers only focus on the WHAT, Woldow says they seem to think that LPM is a burden. Implementing it becomes a frustrating addition to their day. If the lawyers see the WHY in LPM, they realize the added value, “Lawyers genuinely want to be the most valuable resource to their clients.”

  1. LESS UNCERTAINTY : With a budgeting and forecasting solution, reaching a hurdle doesn’t mean you will struggle to jump it. The economy, regulation, product pricing and consumer demand are no hurdles too high. With a customizable solution and a rolling forecast, budgeting is no longer a tedious task that leaves you feeling uncertain about your numbers. Budgeting software makes setting a budget quick and easy, which grants more time to focus on an accurate forecast. You are able to use your budget as a roadmap and your forecast to navigate you down that road despite any risk or challenge you may face.
  2. FACE CHALLENGES BETTER THAN YOUR COMPETITORS: The ability to easily mitigate risk is a major competitive advantage. Simply put, there are other companies who will face similar challenges as you and not be able to overcome them. You will know immediately by following your roadmap and analysis that you can afford those new supplies. Quickly understand the impact a 10% sales increase will have on your employees. You will understand how a challenge will affect your bottom line and cash flow without spending hours or even days crunching numbers.
  3. Efficiency & VALUE: “Until recently, you did not find lawyers talking much about efficiency, predictability and effective communication.” They are talking about it now because times are changing, data & technology are rising and advancing, and clients know that the benefits of LPM brings tons of value. Answer all of your “what-if” questions quickly & use them to benefit the future.
  4. MORE PROFIT & A GROWING FIRM: The fact is, “Today, providing predictable pricing, keeping clients constantly in the communication loop, and making sure their law firm teams are aligned with client needs & priorities, is the way to delight clients and keep them coming back for more.” There is not one person out there who doesn’t want to profit, financially or personally. With a budgeting and forecasting solution, you get both. Mitigating risk leads to a significant competitive advantage which leads to a significant jump in your company’s success. By eliminating inefficiency, quickly overcoming obstacles, and gaining more time to spend on tasks that help your business, you will find time you can take advantage of. Without all of the stressors on your firm, clients will TRUST you and keep coming back.

The Paradigm is Shifting: The “why” motivates and inspires lawyers at the ground level. LPM delivers immediate, real-time benefits and lawyers AND clients are benefitting. “Any lawyer or consultant who says you should only use LPM when someone forces you to, totally misses the boat.” Commit to legal project management. Make LPM become second nature, and with that will come never-ending value to who you are as a lawyer.

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Burn the Boats!

Burn the boats . In 1519, Captain Hernán Cortés started a voyage that would take him from Cuba to the Yucatan Peninsula. Cortés had 500 soldiers, 100 sailors and 16 horses on 11 ships. The voyage was to take the world’s greatest treasure. This treasure had been held by Mexico for 600 years. For 600 years, other stronger armies with even better resources, tried to take the treasure to no avail. Cortés knew that he would need extreme commitment from his team to win this quest. The odds were against them. They were a 600-man army with little resources. They had to fight the leader of Mexico for SIXTY DECADES.

Finally, on the day when it was time to fight after sailing many miles, Cortés gathered the team. The team expected Cortés to explain strategy or how they would fight for this great conquest. Instead, Cortés spoke only three words:


Cortés and his army burned their own ships! Cortés said, “If we are going home, it’s going to be in THEIR boats!” What happened after that was nothing short of a miracle. Cortés and his army took the treasure. Why? They had no choice. They COULD NOT doubt. The Cuban army had to take the treasure, or die.

Here’s the lesson: Quitting is easy when you have the option.

We all cling to something that acts as our escape hatch or our exit strategy. It’s our safety net to say, “just in case…” What we fail to do is complete that sentence. We lie to ourselves.

We postpone action until we no longer feel fear. Either that, or our actions are shallow attempts never designed to succeed. In reality, we must learn to act decisively in spite of our fear.

It would have “made sense” for Cortés to keep a ship or two. But Cortés & his army had a mission and he knew that the only way to keep himself or his men from quitting on the mission was to take the safety net off the table.

What Cortés did was force himself and his men to either succeed or die. Retreat was not an option. I believe that to truly achieve the level of success we each desire, we have to burn the boats.

Ask yourself what you want. What are you afraid to go after ? What are you afraid to lose ? Why haven’t you burned the boats? Are you afraid of failing?

Burn the boats.

Don’t let fear, failure or the perceptions of others be an option. Remember this, whether it’s your current job, a bad business deal or an unrealistic dream, WE MUST MOVE FORWARD. There are only two possible outcomes: Winning or Learning.

It’s not easy to Burn YOUR Boat. But know this, true success, true happiness won’t come from leaving your boats on the shore & running to them when you are scared. Success comes from no surrender, no retreat. Burn the boats.



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Vision, Values & Relationships: Your Toolbox for Achieving Goals

Let me lay it on the line for you. I’m fortunate to engage with many different kinds of people every day. Many of them are young and aggressive. All of them have trouble achieving the goals they set for themselves. There, I said the truth. We get frustrated and, more challenging than accomplishing a goal, we have to try to beat self doubt. Maybe you feel you aren’t making enough money. Maybe the job you just accepted isn’t exactly how you pictured it. Suddenly the goals you imagined seem to be out of reach. What can I, John Florio, do to help you achieve your goal? My short answer is.. nothing. But I can offer you the tools you need in order to achieve your goals on your own. My first tool is letting this one statement resonate before you continue reading:

Only YOU know the goal YOU want to achieve. Only YOU can achieve it. 

Answer each one of my questions that follows as I hand you the tool box to achieve your goals. Grab a pen & paper. Your first tool is the word VISION; the act or power of anticipating that which will or may come to be. Achieving what you want is done by clarifying your vision of the future. To find an answer specific to the goal you want to achieve, imagine what success looks like to you and only you.

What is YOUR vision of success? Write it down. Find a photo. Visualize it. Most importantly, what is your vision of failure? Determine the ruler to which you measure yourself.

Next, achieving a goal is accomplished with VALUES. What is important to you? What is not important? Decide what it is that you would die fighting for and what challenges make you run screaming. Think of your values as your worth. What you value underlies everything you are and everything you do. Your values determine your problems, your successes & failures. What are your VALUES? Write it down.

Now, focus on your RELATIONSHIPS. You have to manage your most important relationships. Choose them carefully because they will help you achieve your goals. Your relationships are directly related to how you have answered the questions above. Only keep personal relationships with those who encourage and promote what you have visualized as success. Any and all relationships, business or otherwise, should be with those who sustain your values.  Who right now, in your life, personal & business, promotes your values?

Once your vision is clarified and your values are locked in, it is easier to set a realistic goal. By clarifying your VISION, VALUES and RELATIONSHIPS, you create the toolbox needed to build & achieve your goals. Your goals may change, but if you are thinking & planning about the answers to the questions I have asked above: What is important you? What is your vision of success? How do you visualize failure? What are your values? Who do you value? Your goals will always be within reach. Self-Doubt will just be a word, not a part of who you are.

We all struggle daily with what we want and where we want to be. It doesn’t matter if you are 23 or 53, we have goals we want to achieve. Goals motivate us. They are the reason we work. Focus on your VISION. Maintain your VALUES. VALUE your chosen RELATIONSHIPS. Your goals will become attainable. Keep believing and look at the answers to my questions every day. Visualize & accomplish your goal for this week, this month, this year! No one likes a quitter. Believe then achieve!



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Data Visualization: Transforming the Construction Industry

In the last five years, data visualization has transformed (& continues to transform) the construction industry. As with other industries, an obstacle in construction is that much of the data collected can’t contribute to the big picture. The big picture view is needed for helpful, profitable analytics & information. The construction industry is responsible for some of the biggest and most expensive projects & buildings on Earth! Huge amounts of resources means huge volumes of data. I put together quotes, statistics, information from 9DOTS & articles from Construction Global & Forbes to really explain how advantageous data visualization is for the construction industry in 2018.  We will start with this from Bernard Marr, best-selling author of Data Strategy.

Number crunching has always been a big part of construction. A commonly heard phrase is that construction companies are “accounting companies which happen to erect buildings. [The construction industry] is an industry where 35% of costs are accounted for by material waste and remedial work. Counting the cost of every screw could be the difference between delivering on budget and bankrupting an organization.

With Data visualization, you are given a picture where owners & builders together can see the difference in price between changes in plan, costs in the future, etc. The owner can see the dollars tied to a project in real time. “Every element in the design is tied to cost estimate. It is completely integrated so the solution changes visually, on the fly,” says John Jacobs, CIO of JE DUNN Construction Group to Forbes.

These changes in on the fly & real time analytics create better relationships with all parties, offer answers at super speed and most importantly, improving reliability and effectiveness.

In their article on constructionglobal.com, Construction Global says,  “the powerful pieces of data that drive a construction company’s day-to-day like: sales data, profit, equipment up time, machinery down time, personnel productivity, asset life cycles, seasonal surges and dips need to be monitored in order to speed up a design process & contribute to waste saving.”

construction industry

“Material waste accounts for approximately 25% of a project’s cost, and rework adds an estimated 10%.” 

Today, the tools available for architects, engineers and construction companies put an end to the waste of materials, time & money.

As often said in the 9DOTS blog, efficiency is the key to competitive advantage, success and a plush bottom line. Data visualization puts EVERYONE involved in the project together. It gives each person the ability to see the numbers in real time and discuss them. This reduces risk and offering a higher reward.  “By 2030, the worldwide market for construction services is expected to grow by 85% to $15.5 trillion,” adds Marr, author of Data Strategy.  This can create challenges for the construction organizations that do not have their own Data Visualization software. Insight into your business is the KEY to the future of the construction industry & 9DOTS is willing to help every organization embrace insight & data analytics in order to put the end to wasting time, money & materials.



CEO Connects the Dots: Transform

Welcome to 2018! I hope everyone is off to great start to the new year. This has been a great month to begin understanding YOU. After all, we are closing in on Jan-YOU-ary. There is no better time than the beginning to review yourself. Recognize the faults and opportunities for growth & use them to TRANSFORM. If January got off to a rough start, begin again with February.

The definition of transform is “to make a thorough or dramatic change in the form, appearance, or character of.” The 9DOTS team isn’t changing our P&L, or our core competency! Our culture, commitment and mission will always remain the same. But we need to comb through 2017, even the days of 2018 as they come, and identify where change is necessary. I have to understand the choices I made & make a new choice to dramatically change for the positive of the company.

When I look back on the 9DOTS yearly results (& even my own personal results), I’m forced to think about what we did differently. I even think about where we stayed the same. There is the old school of thought that says, “if it aint broke don’t fix it.” And the new school that says, “Adapt or die.” Is it ok to grow the business at 3, 5 or 7%? Jeff Bezos at Amazon would tell you NO.

What I see when I look at our financials & how we do business, I see that we need to TRANSFORM. We need to empower our teammates, our partners, our employees to help us understand the WHY behind the numbers. I need to make changes based on mistakes in the past. I see that we have to understand the heart of who we are in order to become the best version of 9DOTS. This is the same when it comes to our personal lives as well, not just business. The openness to being wrong in some of our choices must exist in order for growth & transformation to take place.

Friedrich Nietzsche said, “A thought, even a possibility, can shatter and transform us.”

Here at 9DOTS we will continue press the limit. I challenge all of you today to make the transformation. Find the WHY, challenge and welcome the possibilities. Transform in 2018.

You cannot and will not grow exponentially without transformation. You have to review your mistakes, review your actions & use them to transform into an even better version of yourself. Once we study our process at all levels and question the status quo, once we CHALLENGE the status quo, then maybe, just maybe, that one singular thought, that one singular possibility, will transform us.




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RESOLVE: 2018 is Coming!


Well for the last blog of the year, I could talk about thankfulness and gratitude. In fact it’s probably what I should talk about, but I’m not going to.

Instead I want to talk about RESOLVE.

As a verb Resolve means two things:

  1. Settle or find a solution to a problem, dispute or contentious matter.
  2. Decide FIRMLY on a course of action.

As a noun, it is the most common use of the word at the end of the year:

  1. A firm determination to do something

When the ball drops at midnight on New Year’s Eve to signify the start of a New Year, there will be millions of us making “resolutions”- firm determinations to do something. For a lot of us, they will be shallow or even unachievable. Maybe we will break that “firm determination” the next day.

Forgive me friends, if my year end sentiment isn’t filled with well wishes & thankfulness. But I just don’t want you to make resolutions about going to the gym, losing weight or making new friends. Instead I want to wish you the ability to have RESOLVE in 2018.

Resolve will not melt rocks, but it can scale them! – George Eliot

Show your work partners, your family, your friends your RESOLVE in 2018. Find solutions to problems regardless of the hardship that comes your way.

RESOLVE not to quit.

Make every day the very best, and do not let anyone get in your way. Use the disappointments of 2017 to transform those experiences into solutions.

As we move together through 2018, resolve to treating challenges as opportunities. Roll up your sleeves. Hard work keeps resolutions, not empty promises. Hard work = RESOLVE. 

So as we end this year 2017, whether it was a great year for you or one you wish you could have been better, RESOLVE to be the master of change rather than the victim of change.

Stay strong in your determination to be better tomorrow than you were today.

I wish you all a wonderful and prosperous New Year in 2018. But I also challenge you to compete against yourself. Strengthen your RESOLVE in 2018 so that you overcome adversity & get better each day.



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9DOTS Best Reads of 2017

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  3. FEAR: Face Everything And RISE
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  4. Do You Know Why we are Called 9DOTS? We Solve Problems
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  5. Just Show Up…EVERYDAY
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  6. Choose Your Attitude 
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  7. 5 Ways Your Finance Team will Stay Competitive 
    • The world of finance, the job of accountant, the role of a CFO; mostly these are roles that are morphing into something completely different from what we consider the norm. Even with tons of changes, a great CFO wants to always stay competitive.
  8. Make 60,000x Faster with BOLD Data Visualization 
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  9. LAW FIRMS. We Have the Tool to Help with Changes 
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  10. Our Mission Statement
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CEO Connects the Dots: Choose Your Attitude

I was out over the Thanksgiving weekend doing some shopping. Needless to say, I wasn’t in the best frame of mind. Quite frankly, my attitude needed an adjustment. Instead of enjoying the hustle and bustle of people out doing their thing, the company of my wife, or the beautiful, crisp, November weather, I complained to myself about why we were there. I’m certain my body language was poor and even more certain that I had the Grinch’s puss on my face.

And then we walked into an old country store and I saw a rustic framed quote from Charles Swindoll:

“The longer I live, the more I realize the impact of attitude on life. Attitude, to me, is more important than facts. It is more important than the past, than education, than money, than circumstances, than failures, than successes, than what other people think or say or do. It is more important than appearance, giftedness, or skill. It will make or break a company … a church … a home. The remarkable thing is we have a choice every day regarding the attitude we will embrace for that day. We cannot change the inevitable. The only thing we can do is play on the one string we have, and that is our attitude … I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me, and 90% how I react to it. And so it is with you … we are in charge of our Attitudes.”

Wow! These were powerful words and they showed up for me to see, just in time. I’m certain my day would have degraded into something terrible and probably would have ended with a spat with my wife by the end.

Instead, I took charge of my attitude and changed my entire day.

I realized just how right Swindoll is. Every single day we have a choice. Happiness is a choice. Embrace a positive attitude and start the day differently than maybe what feels natural in that moment (like staying in your bad mood & being a Grinch through the holiday season).

As we head into the holiday season, there is no better time to choose your attitude. The stress will mount each day both in your personal and professional life as the year comes to an end. Recognize that life is going to happen, and we can’t stop it. Just reflect on what Chuck Swindoll teaches in his quote, 90% of life is HOW WE REACT. Let life happen, and make the conscious decision to be positive in reaction.

Choose a great attitude starting today & let’s finish the year strong!