9DOTS w8ys88.image-16as named a Top 10 Budgeting and Forecasting Solution Provider for 2016 by CFO Tech Outlook. They describe Budgeting & Forecasting as the cornerstone of a financial institution’s control process. “We have reviewed many firms in the budgeting and forecasting landscape, and shortlisted the ones that are at the forefront of tackling the industry challenges.” 9DOTS is excited to help CFOs that relentlessly strive to gain insight into their data accomplish more and find that visibility.
“With speed and optimized memory management, proCube, combines large amounts of data quickly and accurately creating time to spend on other profitable decisions and projects,” says 9DOTS CEO, John Florio about the company’s pilot product.

9DOTS’ key solution, onePlan, provides organizations the essential tools needed to consolidate the budgeting process and create detailed financial budgets in all areas including expense, compensation, revenue and capital. The software leverages past performance to predict and forecast strategies to improve business outcomes. onePlan’s multi-tiered parameters and standardized calculations reduces the need for manual data entry.

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