Forecasting in Uncertainty

Forecasting in Uncertainty. This last two weeks has changed our worlds entirely. Many of us are working from home, struggling with billing hours, dealing with clients, financial strain and even lay offs. This is not a time to push sales, but it is also not a time to panic. While stress may be causing you to to wonder about the future of your business, our forecasting product remains here to help. We want to give you our onePlan/proCube product for three months, to help you weather the storm.

The impact of this situation can be modeled out. As the premier Business Intelligence company for Professional Services organizations, we are happy to use our products and expertise to assist you during this uncertain time.

ADDING expenses right now is not an option for your firm. 9DOTS will create the necessary models to help you. Changes like this are unpredictable. Protect yourself and your firm with timely, fluid and accurate forecasts to maintain forward motion with confidence. With 9Dots Forecasting, you have the features and capabilities you need to produce dynamic forecasts to run your business.

This is literally what we do: forecasting in uncertainty. We can help you during this time, and help you make sure you are prepared if something like this ever happens again. We want to help you the best way that we know how: solving problems with our solutions.

Please contact us here and don’t worry about expenses for three months.