Happy Thanksgiving!

We ALL know about Christmas. You can’t really go to any store, any mall, anywhere really, without being hit in the face with Christmas trees and decorations. Christmas & Hannukkah are great holidays with amazing histories–and presents. But for some reason the REAL holiday of giving can get lost in wrapping paper and lights.
Thanksgiving may not be about presents, but it is the true experience of giving–giving with family, giving love, giving food. At 9DOTS, our mission is to give to each other integrity, mutual respect, & superior customer service. We all work together as a family so that these goals are met with everyone–our blog readers, our business partners, and our community.

9DOTS is a team of out-of-the-box thinkers & puzzle solvers, but Thanksgiving is no puzzle. This year on Thanksgiving, just give. Sit at the table with your family & friends and give thanks, prepare for Thanksgiving, live your mission!