factWith self-service BI solution you have the tools to enable everyone in organization to make business decisions without relying on your IT department. Starfleet Research performed a study on how self-service BI has impacted those organizations who chose (wisely) to implement it. You give your team the ability to get answers immediately with dashboards and reports.

Formatting, importing tons and tons of data and numbers, inaccurate and imprecise visualizations don’t allow smart business decisions nor does it make for quick decision-making or answers. “While Excel may be a tool that is close at hand and can allow business users to conduct their own analysis without depending on IT resources, it is often the wrong tool for the job.” We want to supercharge the Excel you use now and make it even more intuitive, powerful and easy to use.

If you are wondering if self-service BI is right for you lets look at the statistics.  According to research conducted for this benchmark report:

  • 42% of business users generally had to wait “too long” for IT resources to fulfill their requests for new reports.
  • 93% of companies “agree” or “strongly agree” that self-service business intelligence enables them to gain faster (and better) insights.

It isn’t really a question of if this will work for there’s basically a 100% chance it will AND it will put you above the rest. Not only that, but let’s be frank, don’t you just want to spend less money and waste less time?!

  • 84% of companies cite cost reduction (identifying opportunities to lower operational costs and also relative to traditional BI implementation and IT resource maintenance) as a top reason to deploy self-service business intelligence
  • 92% of companies cite time reduction (e.g., time needed to get information, to make decisions, etc.) as a top reason to deploy self- service business intelligence

    Top performing companies and C-level operators are implementing self-service BI because it is just the smart choice to make if you want your organization to be more productive and drive revenue growth & profitability. Become more profitable and gain insight than can grow your business by downloading some more info here or contacting us here