what-are-olympic-gold-medals-made-of_7f8d3dd0cefe19b5The 2016 Summer Olympics have just ended–weeks of 24-hour coverage of the best athletes in the entire world. It is pretty amazing when you stop and think about it. The best athletes in their country of thousands or millions competing to be the best on the planet. Olympians are given the opportunity to show that an entire lifetime of hard work, hours and hours of training, achieves the greatest competitive advantage of all. BUT there is something aside from just their talent that has gotten these valiant competitors to the Olympics. Any Olympic medalist will tell you, a knowledgeable coach, trainer, mentor makes all the difference in preparing for competition. I picture the people who spend countless hours in the office going through spreadsheets and unorganized data to get their financials compiled, as the athletes who fall short of 1st place because they did not have a coach’s guidance to form the strategy that earns them the gold.

The people who are able to utilize the capabilities of a self-service Business Intelligence tool are the athletes that have the guidance and direction that takes them to the next level of their game.  BI tools offer information that can take the operations of your business to the next level, olympian-status level, and give you the time to spend on different aspects of your day. It is the athletes with an experienced coach by their side that have competitive advantage. They are taking every single thing that can take them to the top and using it to their advantage. Their athleticism along with their coach’s knowledge allows them to spend their training time efficiently.

The athletes are able to leave the strategy up to their coach and work on other aspects of their game and focus more on things like conditioning and form.  An organization with a Business Intelligence platform can reduce working hours on tasks and instead focus on effective decision making and actionable information. These coaches have many years of experience, which they use to help prepare their athletes for things that can happen in the midst of their performance.  I related these coaches to a Business Intelligence provider who has professionals with experience in different industries who help format a BI tool in a way that will help their clients take action on future scenarios.  Just as an athlete puts his trust in their coach, you should put your trust in your BI provider to help you prepare for the future.

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