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With increased competition, product commoditization and pricing pressures, insurance companies are seeking to create differentiated value propositions in their products, while reducing losses and eliminating inefficiencies.  Profitability depends on ensuring that everyone in the insurance company drives the bottom line, from sales, marketing, and finance to underwriting and claims, and they make optimal decisions.

Policy Reporting
Enforces underwriting principles and guidelines reports on rating, quoting, and issuance through our speed-of-service template.  Pipeline dashboards show policy status (new or renewal) and predict closing ratios and premium amounts for months, quarters, and years.

Risk &   Risk Experience Reporting 
Gives you the ability to reduce loss-ratios, the power to report on the past, the intelligence and speed to evaluate the present, and the skill and technology to predict the future.  A state of the art application providing the templates for loss-ratio reporting and predictive analytics including but not limited to Acturial Triangles and Loss Experience (including schedule P export). 

Financial Reporting 
Empowers finance managers to quickly and flexibly monitor performance, risk, and compliance.  Offers full disclosure into key financial metrics and reporting.  “Drill through” capabilities make available underlying details, which removes limits on the questions a user can ask.  The result is more effective financial planning, cash management, and governance.

Claims Monitoring
Supports claims department by helping them control losses and reduce claims leakage.  By providing an integrated view of policies, premiums, and historical claims, along with case load by examiner, users get the best possible information when making approval decisions.  In addition, Claims Monitoring improves efficiency of claims handling and empowers customer service.

Pricing Score Cards 
The ability to minimize the underwriting process while balancing price in both hard and soft markets is now made easier.  Decision making also becomes easier with our user-driven, rule-based score card tool.  Use this groundbreaking tool to analyze renewal risks for price evaluation and scoring. 

Agency/Brokerage Reporting 
Enables agents, brokers, wholesalers and inside sales managers to improve forecasting/tracking, and to target customers better.  Helps regional teams and field reps score bigger hit-ratios, improve up-sell and cross-sell effectiveness by allowing individual agents to narrow their targeting to a particular customer base.  This increases market share, leads, and maximizes profitability.  Because of the flexibility, users get the same analytical opportunities internally and through applications deployed on portals for external agents or carriers.