Bring your people, processes and information together with Legal Project Management.

A Better Way to Manage Matters and Win Business

In today’s budget-constrained environment, clients want to spend less on legal services. They no longer
accept arbitrary rate increases, and demand more pricing transparency. Open-ended hourly billing
agreements are quickly becoming a model of the past. Law firms everywhere face stiff competition
for a decreasing volume of legal matters – many of these under Alternative Fee Agreements (AFA)
like contingencies, flat fees, hold backs, or blended rates. To grow your business, you need to outpace
competitors fighting for more business from the same pool of clients. Turn to Legal Project Management as
a new approach to fuel growth and improve profitability.

Manage Every Matter Profitably

Managing each matter independently was once okay for simple hourly billing — but as hourly billing becomes increasingly rare in the face of AFA’s, you need a new,modern approach to win new business, delight clients and earn profits.Achieving profitable AFA outcomes can be nearly impossible when your firm is operating in disconnected silos—with information being stored in various systems and locations. How can you provide your clients with the transparency they want, when you struggle to find the information you need? To successfully manage each matter, you need to connect your firm—giving everyone easy access to accurate data, and complete visibility into all of your firm’s engagements.

Turn to Us for Better Legal Project Management

Rely on 9DOTS, long trusted for bringing decidedly different business intelligence strategies to the legal sector, and Deltek, the world’s leading provider of project management solutions for professional services firms, for a better approach to legal project management. Our combined expertise and technology brings your firm an unmatched approach for driving consistent profits from each matter your firm pursues.

Our Legal Project Management solution provides tighter control over budgets and resource costs, easier monitoring of anticipated outcomes in key performance areas like profitability or leverage, and deeper analytical insight into results.

  • Proper budgeting, appropriate pricing. Scope, staff, and price legal matters using advanced project management capability.
  • Capture & share information. Easily capture data from management systems like Aderant or Elite. Collaborate with others– inside or outside your firm.
  • Monitor, measure, improve. On-demand dashboards showcase actual results against budget. Deep analytics expose the “why behind the what.”

Outpace Your Competitors

Contact 9DOTS to learn how you can win more business, delight clients and earn a profit.We’ll show you how to provide transparent AFA pricing for clients, guide accurate plans based on KPIs and profitably manage your matters.