Information is everything.  You need to rapidly analyze, create, and distribute reports that enable you to fully understand your numbers so you can make critical adjustments.  Until now, though, the manual process of consolidating information from multiple sources was slow, cumbersome, and sometimes even inaccurate.

Financial Reporting

9DOTS Financial Reporting uses excel to provide accurate, real-time, dynamic financial reporting.  It consolidates and streamlines the monthly reporting process, delivering vital information to stakeholders in a fraction of the time once needed.

With 9DOTS Financial Reporting, you benefit from a comprehensive library of reports that help you analyze what makes your business profitable, instead of wasting valuable time re-keying data or merging information from multiple sources.

Operations and Performance

Reporting, powered by oneView, enables you to instantly take advantage of best-practice based report templates to analyze the performance of all aspects of your firm.  The solution centralizes all time and billing, general ledger, payroll, and HR data from your ERP system and when deployed as part of the complete 9DOTS Corporate Performance Management Suite includes support for budgeting and forecasting and dashboard reporting.  Then, via a single, multi-dimensional database, Reporting generates accurate enterprise reports that enable you to easily drill down into the granular data upon which each report is based.

In addition, Reporting enables you to create any number of custom reports and views into data-right from your browser – giving you the insight to address the most complex business issues.  Reporting gives you the insight you need to manage for growth and improve competitive advantage.

Key Benefits

  • Shorten month-end close cycles
  • The alignment of strategy with execution
  • Finding areas of growth and stagnation to seek opportunities
  • Schedule & Automate Report Distribution
  • “Slice and dice” views by time span, geographic location, division, or individual
  • Assign areas of accountability