Your Flexible, High-Performance Budgeting Resource

9Dots Budgeting provides the essential tools needed to consolidate the budgeting process. Create detailed financial budgets in all area’s including expense, compensation, revenue and capital. Leverage historical performance to predict future performance. Securely prepare budgets at a location or departmental level with dynamic real-time roll up at a corporate level. Factor in every element that contributes to your company’s financial picture: revenues, cash flows, accounts receivable and payable, overhead, salaries, benefits and capital expenditures,—all you need to make intelligent management decisions.

Budgeting with 9Dots Budgeting places the power in your hands to:

  • Produce the complete financial outlook for your company including Income Statement, Cash Flow, and Balance Sheets with accuracy and simplicity
  • Securely distribute budgets in real-time to locations/departments while controlling the consolidated budget at the finance group level
  • Produce a more detailed complete budget
  • Reduce the entire budgeting process cycle by 70% or more

Centralized Management and Unlimited Versions

Our business driver-based modeling and unlimited version creation gives you the ability to have as many versions of a model as you would like. 9Dots Budgeting also provides centralized administrative controls to govern which version users work in, lock versions from unwanted changes, and manage the ability to view confidential data.

Streamline the budget preparation process and effectively manage performance against that budget on an ongoing basis. At the same time, you are able to:

  • Perform real-time consolidation of budgets
  • Provide timely and accurate information to key stakeholders
  • Gain instant insight into operations and performance
  • Improve visibility for better decision-making
  • Leverage Excel investment and skills
  • Reduce costs by eliminating manual processes
  • Increase the speed and accuracy of the close process

Gain Agility for Profitability

9Dots Planning is true business performance management that can streamline the cumbersome and time-consuming planning, budgeting, forecasting and financial reporting process. You gain simple flexible model creation and management with no complex programming and no new tools to learn. Linked spreadsheets disappear and multi-tiered parameters and standardized calculations diminish the need for manual data entry.

Budgeting Features:

  • Budget for revenue, expense, people and capital
  • Simplify and reduce management review time by providing text-based notations right along with the numbers
  • Create and review local office plans in their local currency then roll up into the currency of the corporate plan
  • Consolidate changes at the departmental level into the corporate plan automatically
  • Give managers pre-configured data entry templates with only the data relevant to them
  • Optimize work flow process with the 9Dots Planning configurable menuing system, providing non-finance end users with an intuitive flow