Forecasting with 9Dots — Knowing what’s Ahead

Risk and uncertainty are constants in business. When the business drivers change, your business needs to adapt and accommodate the variables as quickly, painlessly and accurately as possible.

9Dots has a proven record of providing managers with the ability to factor industry-specific challenges and projections into the plan, quickly and smoothly. 9Dots Forecasting has automated and streamlined the forecasting process allowing you to dynamically change drivers to generate a more accurate consolidated forecast reflecting the current run rate of your business. Forecasting with 9Dots Forecasting reduces the need for risky approximations enabling rapid action to capitalize on opportunities for future growth. You get the answers to questions like:

  • How much more profit can the business, a department, or a project be making?
  • How much demand will there be for a product or service?
  • What additional services or products should the company offer?
  • How much will it cost to produce the product or offer the service, including all the backup detail to support the result?
  • How much money must you borrow or transfer from other projects?

Why is Accurate Forecasting Even More Important Now?

Every organization is under intense scrutiny and pressure from investors for short-term profits. With operational results more transparent and available than ever before, performance is perennially judged by investors and analysts. Management must continually re-forecast results based on current run rates, further driving the need to have a process in place that delivers accurate timely results in an efficient way.

Environmental changes, interest rate shifts, customer behavior contradictions, supply issues, demand changes and other factors are less predictable. Your forecast must be timely, fluid and accurate in order to maintain forward motion with confidence. With 9Dots Forecasting, you have the features and capabilities you need to produce dynamic forecasts to run your business.

Forecasting Features include:

  • An integrated data set with real-time actual results, highlighting variances from budget and plan
  • Ability for contributors to enter re-forecasts with minimal effort
  • Year-round planning and rolling forecasting
  • Automatic updates of key financial and operational data from source systems
  • Comprehensive audit trail
  • Support for multiple scenarios across all aspects of the planning solution, including, revenue, expense, salary and capital
  • Single source of truth
  • Comprehensive financial projections
  • Multiple spread methods, FTE Matching
  • Unlimited forecast versions
  • Advanced business rules and modeling