Clear Visibility into Your Data

Utilizing the most used financial application in the world, Microsoft Excel, as the view into your financial and non-financial information, the most immediate advantage to using proCube in your organization is being able to clearly view information in a format and layout that makes sense you, the end-user.  Having the ability to spend your time analyzing information and creating concise reports keeps your focus on the future of your organization and allows you to see what is happening ahead, keeping your eyes on the road to success.

  • Spend less time gathering information
  • Focus your resources on the future
  • Clearly view information in the format you need

Quickly Viewing the Past

When you have goals to achieve each month, quarter, and year, you don’t have a lot of time to waste on what has already happened.  You need to be able to quickly view where you’ve been and stay focused on the future.  proCube enables you to streamline the process of collecting, analyzing, and distributing reports so you can close out your month quicker, produce an ad-hoc report to support an important decision, or let department heads know how there department is measuring against their annual plan.

While looking at the past is an important part of measuring performance, staying focused on the road ahead is a much more useful investment of your time.

Adding the Human Perspective

Being able to quickly collect, analyze and distribute reports based on transactions and information stored in your various source systems is important and useful when setting the strategic goals and direction of your organization.  However, if you do not incorporate human input into your process, you will be missing valuable information stored in the minds of your most valuable asset, your people.  Your people are the ones on the “front lines” daily and can give you insight into various aspects of your business that are not yet available in the historical records of your business.

You may be tempted to use a historical run rate when projecting your sales or planning what resources are needed for the upcoming year.  But it would be your sales people who would know if you going to potentially land a big project or your customer service team might suspect a large account will be discontinuing services, thus leaving you under or over staffed for your active work load.

  • Collect input via secure Excel interface with read/write capabilities
  • Collected information is centralized for use through the organization
  • Instantly adjust based on real-time information
  • Plan several what-if scenarios to get to the desired goal

Being able to add the human perspective alongside the historical information, allows you to plan several scenarios and “re-route” your business plan quickly in order to get to the desired goal.

Mitigate Risk

Every business must deal with some amount of risk.  However, the businesses that survive are the ones that are able to avoid as many bumps along the way.  Having the ability to see the risk factors before they arise can help your business thrive when others are struggling.  Being able to quickly implement your plan B when a disaster strikes your business or the market makes a volatile shift, can be the key to seeing a tough situation through to the other side.

Highlighting Opportunities

Hindsight is always 20/20, but what about your foresight?  Don’t you sometimes wish you have the vision to know what will happen if…?  Of Course!  proCube is not a crystal ball (no one can predict the future with an exact certainty), but it can help you shed some light on opportunities for improvement that you might otherwise not have seen.

  • Could I save some money by increasing my raw material order now?
  • What will the business look like if we merged with another organization?
  • What if I enter a new market?  Expanded my distribution? Added a new product line? Discontinued a product line?

Illuminating both Risk and Opportunities can help you while steering your business down the road.