Professional Service, Optimal Results

A Tradition of Experience in Helping Companies Transform Themselves

9Dots has deep consulting expertise in enabling companies to fulfill their goals and improve efficiency across all departments by employing best practices. From its origins as a consulting firm, 9Dots has earned worldwide recognition for its success in helping clients reduce costs, manage projects optimally and promote successful executive decision-making. We excel at deploying solutions for our customers, allowing them to reach new levels of transparency, flexibility, and agility to meet today’s unrelenting market demands.

We can help your organization streamline complex business processes such as reporting, analysis and budgeting—as well as promote improved growth, compliance and efficiency. Our simplified delivery of configurable solutions makes delivery and installation the most efficient in the industry. Integration of all data sources becomes an effortless deed when working the project roadmap and experts at 9Dots.

If your company needs support in optimizing business processes, supporting smart decision-making and growing the organization, there is no better strategy than to rely on the 9Dots.

9Dots Services can help you with:

  • Strategic planning and project guidance
  • Rapid, smooth and non-disruptive implementation
  • Solution optimization and efficiency gains
  • On-going support for availability and performance
  • User training & satisfaction across your organization

Your investment in 9Dots Services embodies the commitment of 9Dots to increasing productivity, growth and competitive viability for your organization.