AE Firm Dashboards

AE Firm Dashboards. See the smoke, stop the fire. Dashboards and smoke detectors have much more in common than you think!  I’m not joking. Before the smoke detector, the common man knew almost nothing about fire prevention. Today, the use of a smoke detector has completely improved your quality of life & safety. Check out these facts: 

  • 3 out of 5 home fire deaths are caused in homes without working smoke detectors
  • The risk of dying in a home fire is cut in half in homes with a working smoke detector

How does this help my AE Firm? 

You own a house. In that house are multiple smoke detectors, decorating the ceilings awaiting the rare instance of a home fire. Waiting, in fact, to detect the smoke before the fire, so that you and your family get out safe. It wouldn’t be too beneficial if your house were in the middle of burning to the ground, and then your alarm goes off saying “just so you know, I’m on fire!”. Pretty sure at that point, you’d already know. 

Most leaders in your company don’t know IT jargon. Nor can they spend loads of time looking at spreadsheets! When a CEO or leader of a department looks at information about progress, there is often a thought similar to, “What can I do to make us more profitable?” It isn’t beneficial to only know the good you’ve done. Seeing the red in your charts, or metrics that show competition is surpassing you, or that you are losing money, is more beneficial than anything. 

And that is why a Dashboard is a CEO’s smoke detector. One of the reasons to implement data visualization is demand from executive leadership for self-service analysis in real time, 
        “Data visualization becomes a critical enabler for disseminating insights to senior leaders who may not have the technical ability, or frankly the time, to customize reports or analyze data in Excel” (Gleansight Benchmark Report 2015). You can use dashboards to detect the smoke in your organization! See what your firm is at right now. No waiting for time, expenses, hours to be processed or posted. Data is not pulled from calculated tables from last night. Dashboards offer drill down, trend analysis, predictive forecasting. Get answers to questions right away, before a fire starts. 

AE Firm Dashboards

Facts Directly Related to Dashboard Ownership 

  • Better decision making – Simplistic views and revenue streams provide immediate insight to pivot your corporations quickly
  • Revenue Growth – By being able to visualize your stream by relevant segment (i.e. Region, department, product, sku, etc..) changes can be made to enhance further growth in faster growing areas.
  • Improved Operational Efficiency – The knowledge to know where and why we are losing profitability can be known before it’s too late.
  • Enhanced Customer Service – Value added services through visualization for your customer base. This allows your customer to make better decisions with you as their vendor!

Buying a smoke detector is a no brainer. Everyone has one. They are a proven tool for detecting issues before they occur. Why wouldn’t you buy a dashboard for your AE firm? Every leader and department can benefit. 

Are you missing that AE Firm Dashboards/smoke detector? Contact us here or download this brochure for some more detail.