2015 is coming to an end, and so has your budgeting season.  If you have been reading along, or even if you haven’t, here are a few facts we learned through different surveys and research throughout the year. A study by Grant Thorton, LLP shows that only 36% of businesses use scenarios and “what-if” analyses […]

PwC and Iron Mountain have just recently released their “first-ever information value index.” The research was meant to discover how well organizations use their data for competitive advantage. Time and time again we find the same issue is consistent in so many organizations–they just aren’t using the full potential of their data. This survey found […]

The growing ability to process big data and use it for analytics into your corporation has delivered many benefits. But Construction Global has brought our attention to something new. “Small data” has changed the construction industry throughout the year and will continue to change it through 2016. In their article on constructionglobal.com, Construction Global calls […]

For years, we heard talk of the infamous “Cloud” and how it will cut costs right at implementation. “It has significantly cut upfront capital investments, initial consulting and on-going personnel costs for the vast majority of solutions.” But cutting initial costs isn’t the only benefit the cloud has. Nucleus Research has done more ROI case studies […]

PwC has posted their findings from their 2015 Annual Law Firms’ Survey. Through interviewing the Top 100 firms, they have discovered that a top priority for the future of law firms is to focus on pricing and profitability. Firms are continuing to invest in business improvement programs. The focus of these programs for Top 10 […]