Service Performance Insight (SPI) is a global research organization dedicated to helping professional services organizations. Architecture, engineer, law firms and other professional services organizations are always dealing with a variety of different clients as well as trying to stay competitive and remain profitable. SPI has analyzed many aspects of the professional services industry and identified “the […]

  Traditional spreadsheet practice for Planning, Forecasting and Reporting is falling by the wayside. Microsoft Excel is powerful, but for the exponential data your organization has it’s power is just not enough. Strengthen your organization by understanding the ways that tiresome, stressful spreadsheet use can actually hold your company back.   Spreadsheets are very susceptible […]

  Steve Player’s white paper “Managing Through Change: The Power of Rolling Forecasts” highlights a lot of important factors to note about traditional budgeting and forecasting rules and modernizing them to fit your business and generate cash. Traditional forecasting rules definitely improve your business processes, but improvements can always be made. There are many general approaches […]

Clients are constantly calling for better efficiency and cost-effective delivery of legal services. So why would any legal firm turn down an offer for legal project management, “a rapidly-maturing discipline that is the proximate consequence of the enormous pressures in-house legal leaders now face to trim budgets, choke back rampant costs and long-entrenched inefficiencies, and, particularly, keep […]

Managing your cash flow seems easy. That is, until you start the task. You’re not sure where to start, how to make sure you have enough money for necessities, or how to use any EXTRA money or even find it.  If you create a cash flow forecast, and analyze what you find, all of the questions […]