Business Intelligence has changed the way of the business world and opens a new window to data analytics. Your entire organization becomes profitable, in time and in those dollar signs you are always wishing for but can never quite grasp. This article from TDWI explains just how beneficial Visual Analytics, and its versatility, are for a […]

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“If you can’t put a halt to revenue and profit surprises, the earnest planning, process development, and resource & planning technology investments that go into your major corporate initiatives could be wasted. Those outcomes can be especially painful given the unpredictable economy. Effective use of your time and resources is essential in growing your business.” […]

Everyone knows you have to properly manage the cash flow of your business to reap the benefits and rewards. But sometimes, it can be easier said than done. Instead of worrying about making the best decision and constantly “fighting the cash flow fires,” you should be using the unique ideas you have to advance your […]

Analytics can challenge your organization. Data is so abundant that the complexity and confusion of it all can be overwhelming. When you sit down and try to analyze everything, you just don’t know where to start, or where to go. But Narendra Mulani, the senior managing director at Accenture Analytics has some sage advice: recognize […]

Many organizations are slow to change their reporting, even knowing it’s not as beneficial as it could be. This BPM Partners white paper on How to Avoid the Top 3 Costly Reporting Mistakes analyzes why it is a necessity to have a good reporting system–it is essential to becoming a profitable business. There should be no reason to be […]