The key to any successful professional services organization meeting their financial objectives is the management of all revenue and cost information. The core financial management solution is the hub of all of this information. It must provide an infrastructure where costs and revenues can be easily be analyzed and where key members of the executive […]

Sometimes it can feel like you are swimming in a sea of spreadsheets. This wouldn’t be too much of a problem, if spreadsheets didn’t cause so many of their own. Using Excel spreadsheets limits the ability to perform high-value, forward-looking analysis. They are prone to data errors. Errors in data will cause many more days […]

You didn’t think twice when your teacher wrote, Create a pie chart & graph with the information we learned today, on the board for homework. All that mattered to you was which colors you were going to use, or just getting the assignment over with. But even as a twelve year old trying to avoid homework, you were displaying […]

In the few posts prior to this, I’ve said words like “easy” “simple” “efficient.” And the necessary and tedious tasks of your business can be all of those things with the right business intelligence solution. But what makes it so simple and so easy? Aside from the technological jargon I would have to use to […]

“The term self-service might imply that business users can do everything themselves and don’t need help from IT and BI teams to gain valuable insights from business information.” The world of big data has not always been for everyone. Viewing and analyzing data could require extensive, expert consultation or scripting. Jumbled, confusing data means relying […]