Budgeting Season Best Practices

Budgeting Season Best Practices. Fall is finally here! Cooler weather, beautiful leaves changing. And while fall may be one of our favorite seasons of the year, budgeting season is absolutely not. Your company employees will spend late hours, and long nights, to sort out the budget. How does it normally go for your professional services […]

you may hate excel

You May Hate Excel. When a company or business needs to organize their data quickly, where do they usually turn? Typically, it is Microsoft Excel. Even WE here at 9DOTS love to use Excel. We understand the comfort and popularity. Almost all of our clients are extremely familiar with it & use it every single day. […]

Metrics Driven Law Firm

Metrics Driven Law Firm. Let’s think about  “Moneyball.” “Moneyball” has forever changed the thought process, not just in Major League Baseball, but now everywhere in Corporate America. Moneyball used analytical, evidence-based, approach to assembling a competitive baseball team despite Oakland’s small budget. Corporate America is, and should be the same. If you want to drive […]