you may hate excel

You May Hate Excel. When a company or business needs to organize their data quickly, where do they usually turn? Typically, it is Microsoft Excel. Even WE here at 9DOTS love to use Excel. We understand the comfort and popularity. Almost all of our clients are extremely familiar with it & use it every single day. But these businesses grow, and they acquire more and more data (and more and more spreadsheets). The data becomes seemingly impossible to consolidate, and solving problems or getting answers can take days. Here are 4 reasons you may hate excel:


Inefficiency. 9DOTS has clients that used to take 6 & 7 business days to display KPIs and get answers. With a Business Intelligence tool, you combat this issue and get updates in REAL TIME. One big, consolidated spreadsheet, no more time wasted. If you find yourself focused on connecting, preparing, analyzing and distributing data, there’s a good chance you’re suffering from symptoms of inefficiency. Optimize your process with an automated solution!


Instability. Because excel has a maximum number of data entries it can hold, it can be hard to see all your data at once. By 2020 annual data production will see an increase of 4,300 percent. You don’t want to worry about Errors in your files or slow processes. When partnered with a BI (business intelligence), clients can be sure their data can all be stored in one convenient spots.


Scalability. You may need to take Excel reports away from just viewing it on your desktop. You will share reports with others. partners, customers, stakeholders, clients & more. But this process just doesn’t look or feel professional. With a BI solution, there is only one version of the same document being shared. Multiple people to work on the same spreadsheet and give live updates to each other by using one shared dashboard. It looks better AND has actual security.


Indifference. The fact is, users WANT TO use dashboards and reports that are visually appealing. It may seem ridiculous at first thought: to think you would dread opening a report. But there is away to make reports more interesting to look at, easy to read and easy to use. Excel just comes up short in this regard with no way to fix it.

Overall, 9DOTS loves excel! Here are only four reasons you may hate excel. But we also recognize that we can enhance excel, the tool you are familiar with, to create a scalable, visually appealing, easy to use, report. With MORE and more data, and more growth, Excel can’t keep up. We want to help your business grow. Contact us if these problems seem familiar to you. We want to hear about it. 

Contents expanded from a video from our partner, Dundas BI