Better Software. Better Service. Better Together.

Today is an exciting day as 9DOTS Management Corp becomes a partner with Clearview Software. Clearview’s “Better Software” paired with 9DOTS’ better service is an out of the box solution that truly makes us as a team, better together.

We now have the opportunity to attack the market place. And not just as a solution provider with BI/CPM tools. But also with a partner that offers one platform for all your needs in the AEC industry. With their expertise AND their software, Clearview is a modern application built from the ground up that is solely focused on streamlining the AEC business and helping their clients improve their bottom line. 9DOTS mindset has been similar in our service. 9DOTS mindset has always been to provide solutions that focus on you the customers. We care about the client, and we believe you can have equal performance in your software as you do the value that comes from it.

Thinking Outside of the Box

In true 9DOTS fashion, we are problem solvers.  Like the 9 Dots Puzzle, we looked for an outside of the box solution to that problem. By partnering with Clearview we went out of the box to become a team of better software, better solutions, & better service. And we are thrilled to add you, the AEC firm, into the mix. It’s time to step away from old software that has been cobbled together. Break out of the box with a single integrated platform that can handle everything your firm needs and wants.

Finally, Check out the video below for a chat with our CEO & our mission with Clearview. We look forward to extending our service offerings, our solutions & software offerings throughout 2020 and beyond!