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“If you can’t put a halt to revenue and profit surprises, the earnest planning, process development, and resource & planning technology investments that go into your major corporate initiatives could be wasted. Those outcomes can be especially painful given the unpredictable economy. Effective use of your time and resources is essential in growing your business.”

9Dots’ white paper, Shifting Gears: Moving from Reactive to Proactive Enterprise Planning, is all about how best to eliminate feeling surprised by profit surprises. Through reading this you will learn how to make the most effective decision for your organization. We are aware of the challenges and demands you may face in a business environment that is characterized by uncertainty, and we made it our goal to shift your feelings from uncertainty to efficiency.

Today, leading organizations are tackling challenges by developing:

– A rapid response to change

– A holistic view of key business functions created by understanding and modeling the interdependencies of business drivers that span multiple functions

– Timely visibility of performance gaps

– Insight into new objectives, performance targets and contingency plans that can make an impact.

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