Increase Efficiency. Know What Stands in Your Way.

Reduce Budgeting Cycle by 70% or More

onePlan provides essential tools needed to consolidate the budgeting process. Create detailed financial budgets in all areas including expense, compensation, revenue & capital. Leverage historical performance to predict future performance.

onePlan Puts the Power in Your Hands:

  • Produce simple and accurate financial outlook for your company (w/ Income Statement, Cash Flow & Balance Sheets)
  • Reduce costs by eliminating manual processes
  • Securely distribute budgets in real time at a location or departmental level while controlling the consolidated budget at the corporate level
  • Gain INSTANT insight into operations and performance & enhance decision making process

9DOTS Caters to YOU

Our business driver-based modeling and unlimited version creation gives you as many versions of a model as you would like.

Increase Profitability

onePlan streamlines the time-consuming budgeting, planning, forecasting and financial reporting process. With no new tools to learn, multi-tiered parameters and standardized calculations diminish the need for manual data entry.