CONNECT Solution Methodology

9Dots’ process for engagement


Condition Current State: Through an extensive discovery process, our team will review all aspects of your business and gain a deep understanding of your specific operations.

Opportunity Future State: We will work directly with your organization’s leadership and translate market opportunities to a vision of how the business will need to operate.

Nexus Gap: With the knowledge gathered in the previous steps along with input from key stakeholders within your organization, we will determine how to best bridge the gap from your current condition to future state.

Navigate Roadmap: While focusing on achieving early ROE (Return on Effort), a plan is outlined to solve key business challenges along the path toward the ultimate goal.

Educate Dependencies & Investment: Executive leadership is presented with a complete picture of the resources needed to achieve your desired outcome. Careful consideration is given to incremental & overall ROI as well as the transitional impact on the business.

Communicate: Once a plan is approved, the team begins to work through implementation and training efforts to all stakeholders. Successful Communication = Successful deployment

Track Monitor & Report: Key metrics for success, and the process for measuring them, are determined early. Feedback enables continuous review of the condition of the business as well as changes in where the opportunities are headed.